Getting students to become Student Leaders

by Dylan Ruffra

This weekend I presented at a leadership conference on campus, where students from different organizations, and majors came to learn different techniques on how to be a better leader.  It impressed me how many students were willing to get up that early and give up most of their Saturday. When planning events on a college campus it can sometimes be a struggle to get students to come, especially on the weekends. The students who came got to learn from different presenters as well as network with other student leaders on campus.  I led a session about the True Color leadership assessment and many students learned how they can use their color with other students.
During my presentation I talked to the students about it is important to be a leader who is involved on campus. For students who are involved they get to work with others that they would not normally get to meet. Being involved on campus also gives student the ability to learn outside the classroom. Students get to have a more enriched college experience when they can learn inside the classroom and learn outside the classroom in a nontraditional format.  Students involved on campus get to learn from having an increased sense of responsibility and balancing all of their obligations.
While I was presenting I talked to the students about how they all have different communication styles. Not every student is going to communicate the same exact way. Some students like to verbally process every decision that are going to have to make while others jump in head first to things before even talking about it. You also have to realize that one student may want to have a one on one conversation, while others flourish talking to larger groups. This was really informing to the students I was presenting too; as I was talking they could see some of these qualities in themselves. The students also related to sometimes being willing to talk about is going on in their lives, but other students may be more closed off. The students started to realize that sometime they have to tailor how they communicate with those they are working with.
The last thing I tried to hit home with their leadership style was how they apply this working in a team setting. There are going to be many times they are going to have to work in teams to accomplish a goal weather that is inside or outside the classroom. What I tried to talk to these students about is how we can accommodate and comprise each other’s needs when we are working as a team. We learned that others value different things when in the team setting and others can have their stressors when in a group. In order to work best together we have to have our middle ground.
I think most students related to true colors assessment. They realized they have some qualities that they had not thought of before and how that related to their leadership style. We all sometimes need to remember the best way to work with our peers so it was good to give these tricks to the students.

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