Tips for Writing your Twitter + Instagram Bios

by Amanda Stewart

On Twitter you get 160 characters. On Instagram you get 150 characters. That’s not very many characters to tell the world who you are and what you’re all about. I recently updated my (very outdated) bios on both my Instagram and Twitter and it got me thinking… what makes up an awesome bio? What do I need to include that tells the social world what I am all about? I came up with a short list that helped me craft my bios. I hope it’s helpful for you too!

Mix it up. Although I’m very active on both accounts, my Twitter and Instagram bios are a little bit different. I connect with more #SApros via Twitter so I like including my position and institution.

Alumni connections. I have “met” a lot of cool Iowa State grads or Western Illinois University grads though social media so I like including my previous institutions and grad years.

Include links. I am the Chief Editor for the Niche Movement which is an incredible community doing awesome things (I’m biased) so I like to tag @thenichemovement in my bios. I also have a personal blog that I usually include. What other links do you include in your bio?

Get personal. I love coffee, snail mail, Bruce Springsteen, running and mornings. I could go on and on about my favorite things (chocolate cake, craft beer, yoga, office supplies, reading…) but there is only so much space. I think it’s great to let your followers in a little bit and share you who are outside of work. It gives them an idea of what your tweets will be about!

Goals. Shout ‘em out! Working towards a big goal? I love when I see other runners share their running goals in their Instagram bios. I am trying to run 2,016 miles this year (#RunTheYear) and it has been amazing connecting with others working towards the same!

What have I missed? What do you include in your bios? Let’s connect @mandijstewart

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