Snowy’s Reminders

by Katie Yeaton-Hromada

Balancing your personal life, work, and academics can be hard.  Sometimes it’s nice to have a few friendly Snowy!  Snowy is my fur child and has some great philosophies on life.

  1. Balancing the Workload:

Remember you are not alone as a student or professional!  You can get that assignment or task off your back if you take a step back and breath.  Your friends, colleagues, faculty, and classmates are there to support you in your endeavors!

  1. Self-Care:

After rearranging your hutch--or working on housing assignments or your capstone, remember to give yourself self-care time.  Eat your favorite hay, chew an apple branch, or lay down and listen to music. Do what makes you happy to recharge!

  1. Be Authentic!

Be real honest with yourself.  Take selfies and do things you enjoy, like eating carrots and licking phones.

  1. Sleep is necessary!

Because beauty sleep is essential to looking this cute!  Remember sleep is important for everyday function. Especially in Residential Life where you are up throughout the night on duty, remember to plan your sleep schedule and naps/early nights.

  1. Get Excited!

It’s hard to keep up your enthusiasm, especially with class assignments, tough duty situations, and generally Mondays.  Find something to get excited about everyday and take pride in it!

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