Student Affairs - the First Years blog launched on January 23, 2012.

Our blog plays off the themes of Work, Life, and Play as a first years professional. Our writers hold the key to the content and success of this blog. We ask our weekly and guest writers to simply talk about their first years experiences. 

There have been over 1,390 posts written for our site. That's 1,390 stories from first years writers sharing advice, reflecting on their individual impact at their campuses, and putting themselves out in the student affairs community to talk about what it means to be a graduate student or new professional.

We don't expect that the writers, by any means, are experts or gurus in the field, but that we together are painting a picture as to what the first year professional looks like from our perspectives.

If you have questions about the blog site please email [email protected].

Joshua Wilson

Updated 9/24/2017

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