Is Your Lunch Pail Full or Empty?

by Jena Rock

Remember when you were in grad school and you could barely find the time to have one meal a day let alone find the time to grocery shop so you could pack your own lunch? I remember members of my cohort ordering Jimmy Johns for delivery to the education building because they had 20 minutes of free time on some days which they used to make it to class on time. My response to those instances was typically a silent celebration to them for practicing self-care.

I am a huge advocate of not purchasing lunches from the food court of the student union (although it still may happen from time to time). My post-grad self gives me a pat on the back for taking the time to practice self-care in packing my own lunch; which has been almost every day. However, when I go home at the end of the day with a full lunch pail, I’ve realized that packing your lunch is not the act of self-care. Self-care is taking time to yourself during your day.

How many times have you gone home with a full lunch pail? The answer for me is one too many. My celebrations for self-care have changed in this new season of being a student affairs practitioner. Although an empty lunch pail isn’t the only indicator of good self-care; I want to make aware to anyone who needs to hear this: don’t’ forget to step away to take time to yourself. We are in a profession where we are giving so much of ourselves to others... we cannot forget to give to ourselves.

Take pride in knowing that you’ve taken the time for yourself in your busy crazy days. Take pride in going home with an empty lunch pail.

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