Outside Involvements

by Lisa Hill

One of my goals for the fall semester was to get involved in programs outside of my immediate office. I wanted to start my new job by creating a network and getting to know students from different areas of the student body. This goal required time and an openness to new experiences. I staffed a speaker event, attended a movie viewing and current events talk, and was a retreat facillator. I stayed late and worked on the weekends, but I met my goal and am grateful for my investments.

Many of my student leaders come from the same programs and backgrounds. They have been involved in the office for several years and are leaders in numerous of our programs. They are highly dedicated. I could easily continue working with these same students to fulfill my job requirements. If I took this option I would limit my understanding of the student body and my programs would suffer as a result. Programs will only reach a diverse group of students when they are implemented by a diverse group of student leaders.

I started the semester by volunteering to staff events through different offices. From speaking events to orientation tabling, I said yes as often as my calendar allowed. A highlight from the semester was the opportunity to be a facilitator for the Social Justice Retreat. The Retreat was an opportunity for students to engage in identity development work and design a plan to create change on campus. This opportunity served as professional and personal development as well as a chance to meet other professionals and students. While exhausting and time consuming, this three-day retreat was worth the investment. As I start the spring semester I am recommitting to my goal of engaging with the larger university and am excited for what is to come.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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