Let’s See How Far We’ve Come

by Katie Yeaton

“Let’s see how far we’ve come…” now that I’ve put the Matchbox 20 song in your head, let’s talk about this semester.

We have come quite a ways from August when the academic year was first starting up.  For me, this semester has been a learning experience.  I started my first full-time position without taking any classes and I taught my first credit-bearing course.  One of the most notable differences I have found this semester is how my time-management has changed.  Instead of reading vigorously for grad classes and writing papers into the wee-hours of the morning after work, I now focus my energy on projects that can have a significant impact on the department and students’ campus life.  I feel the research side of my life has calmed down while the practitioner side has picked up.  As I continue into my career, I hope to balance the practitioner and researching sides of my life more equally, but until then I am happy gaining this student-focused experience.  In place of papers and hours of required reading, I have spent my time blogging and focusing on some personal projects unrelated to my university position.  I typically devote a few hours monthly to research projects and pick up a higher education related book weekly to keep myself engaged in the research-realm.  Overall, I am enjoying my new found time-management and, even though I see myself added more research work into the mix, I am enjoying my time to work on personal projects.

For those who are wrapping up their first semester of their first full-job, what are some things you did not expect in your position?

For others training to balance their lives as practitioners/researchers, what are some tips you have to maintaining the balance?  Especially doctoral students who are working full-time, what are some of your time-management tips?

Student Affairs - the First Years

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