Keep Going! A Quick Word About Motivation

by Katie Yeaton

We have made it to that point in the semester.  The end of the year is in sight and the motivation to get everything done is dwindling.  Your motivation seems to be replaced by, “it will get done tomorrow” or “give it ‘till Friday”.  There is something about the end of the semester that makes time feel slower and the projects seem far more overwhelming.  Then again, I think this is me whenever it goes cold and snows.  So whether it’s the winter blues getting you down or you feel you need to work on your time management, here are my top five recommendations to keep you going past the end of the semester:

  1. Brain Dump: Before you go to bed tonight, write down everything you have to do, anything on your mind, and all of the tasks you have to do.  If you have not done a Brain Dump before or would like some more tips, check out this site on the de-stressing tool.
  2. Yoga: Fellow writer, Brooke, blogged about yoga back in August and I find myself thinking about her message often.  It is so important to keep up with an outside-of-work activity, especially when we are reaching the end of the semester and the stress of work and class work is at its highest.  Yoga is one way to de-stress and reenergize.
  3. Take a Walk:  Depending on where you live, it might be too cold to walk outside.  Regardless of the temperature outside, take five-ten minutes out of your day to do an extra loop around your office or around the building.
  4. Limit Social Media:  Set a rule for yourself, tell someone about it, and stick to it.  My goal for the last two weeks of the semester is to only use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on weekends.  Whether you are headed into finals or you are a full-time professional, I hope you consider joining me on this social media diet.
  5. Something Fun: What will take 20 minutes and will be fun to do?  For me, my fun project of the week will be making door decs/bookmarks for my student Front Desk workers.  It’s something I find enjoyable and it will be one less thing to stress about when I am on duty during study week.

Remember, you are awesome.  Look for the good things in each day, even though the day overall may not be good.

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