Summer Internship - with Zack

by Zackary Shinkle

The past few weeks here in the Office of Admissions have been exhilarating and exhausting. I am still learning new things everyday and now giving tours of the campus. Going from a GA position that required only 20 hours a week, even though I typically did more, to an internship that is closer to 40 hours has had some huge difference, such as finding more to do in the greater amount of time with being in the office. I am able to take time to research and to read articles relating to higher education, since I have more time. I have learned quickly though how to adjust to this new lifestyle and will be able to apply it in my future career.

The surrounding area here is still presenting new opportunities for discovery. This past weekend I found a hidden beach that was an attraction to locals but not to tourists. Mitchelville Beach is located at the end of a dirt road and is immersed in history from the Civil War. Mainly Fort Mitchel was built to help protect Skull Creek from Confederate attack.

Now that I have finished my first experience as conference staff for NACA SG-West, I am taking time to reflect upon it. I was provided an amazing opportunity and took as much advantage of it as I could, but yet feel like I came back with a feeling of emptiness. The institute flew by and I didn’t take advantage of networking with other professionals at the institute or really with the institute staff. It’s a weird feeling and as I look for more opportunities within NACA I hope to reflect on this and be better at future conferences.

Back here in the Office of Admissions, I am about to immerse myself into learning about recruiting. This is not something I have very much experience with, so I am excited to learn more and share what knowledge I gain.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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