Signing Off

by Olivia Miller

Two years ago on June 22nd my first blog for the Student Affairs First Years (SAFY) was published. In this first blog I wrote about my first Student Affairs birthday, as I had just finished up my first year of graduate school and my assistantship at the Academic and Career Information Center at Kansas State. During the first year I stumbled across both SAFY and the Student Affairs Collective and read up on as many articles and blogs as I could to learn from the SA grads before me and how I could improve upon my graduate experience and plan (as much as possible) for the job search and post-graduation life.

It was towards the beginning of the summer during Orientation and Enrollment that I saw a call for new writers for SAFY. I had been curious about writing and posting for a while, but had been too nervous, shy and not confident that I would have anything to write about (or how to write about it). I wanted to be like the SAFY writers that I looked up to (here’s to you Amanda Stewart and Cassidy Lawson) and thought that I could contribute in a small way, so I sent in my blog about my 1st birthday. A few weeks later it was posted and I agreed to be a weekly writer, thus starting this two year journey.

Over these past two years I have written about many things – my second and final year of graduate school, my job search process, my grandma passing right before comprehensive exams, starting my first professional job, running my first half-marathon, among many other things. Being a weekly writer has helped me in many ways – primarily by allowing me the opportunity to truly reflect on my journey. (Almost) Each week I would have a topic to discuss, something that had happened in the past week that I wanted to share. I am not sure how many people have read my blog posts or found them helpful in anyway, but I am grateful for this opportunity to contribute.

That being said, two years seemed to be the perfect time to finish this journey as a weekly writer. I have dedicated a year to writing about graduate school and a year to my first professional job, and it is time to allow other writers the opportunity and experiences I have had. If anyone who is reading this, or has followed my two-year writing journey and is curious about writing for this blog – please do! Everyone has something to share, even when you might not think you do. Your voice and your experience should be heard and shared. While I am signing off as a weekly writer, I am not stopping as a weekly reader or weekly supporter of this blog. I look forward to reading about what our current and upcoming writers have to say and cannot wait to see your journey.

To the SAFY blog team, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of this blog – I have truly enjoyed this journey. My experiences have been richer, my writing has gotten stronger, my confidence has increased and I have found SA professionals outside of my Midwest/advising bubble. Thank you each of you for everything you do for this blog.

If you, or someone you know wants to write about your Student Affairs journey and contribute to SAFY, click here.

All the best, Olivia 

Student Affairs - the First Years

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