Why Blog?

by Katie Yeaton

This week I was inspired by fellow blogger, Brooke Wilson, to reflect on my blog experience.

I first joined the Student Affairs First Years in October of 2015 with the goal of writing a post every week for one year.  Well, that goal soon increased to writing a post every week until the end of my Master’s degree.  Now I have fulfilled this goal and I am continuing to push myself to improve my writing.  Over the past two years, my writing style has changed and I have become more personable with my posts.  A part of this transition from being a list-heavy blogger to a paragraph writer has been my experience and exposure to others’ posts.  I love reading peoples’ posts, learning about them and their writing style.  I always feel inspired by other Student Affairs professionals’ posts and it revitalized my energy to improve as someone up-and-coming in the field.  Often times, I also will browse Pinterest looking at travel blogs searching for inspiration.  Taking a look outside of our Student Affairs field is helpful to gaining new perspective.  I now consider myself an active reader because of this zest to learn more about the field, different perspectives, and others’ writing styles.

So, why blog?  As I mentioned, I first started blogging to gain more consistent writing experience.  Today I blog in part for these reasons, but moreso to learn about our field and stay actively engaged in the conversation.  I have met great folxs through this involvement and now writing is a regular habit, rather than a stressful ten-page paper for a class.  At the risk of this sounding like a shameless plug, I would recommend blogging for all Student Affairs Master’s students.  Writing weekly/monthly will help you improve your fluidity and comfortability with your work.  I am so grateful for this opportunity and I look forward to seeing what everyone else will compose this summer. :)

Student Affairs - the First Years

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