Summer Internship Adventure Week 2

by Zackary Shinkle

My first two weeks here in Bluffton have flown by. They have flown by so quickly that I missed writing last week… But this week I will make up for it. My first week on the job in the Office of Admissions was amazing! The overly positive office staff and environment made transitioning so much easier and helped calm a lot of nerves. 

After meeting everyone in the office I quickly met the other Graduate Intern. We quickly clicked and have partnered on our multiple summer projects. The other intern has been easy to get to know because she shares a lot of similarities to previous co-workers in my undergrad. Not only have we partnered on projects, but we have compiled a list of activities that we want to accomplish over this short summer period in Bluffon.

By the end of my first week I had learned a plethora of knowledge that I did not know about admission offices. One of our projects is based on something I have very little knowledge of and that is Telecounseling. We are given the task of developing a proposal or framework for a Telecounseling program for this university. I have no experience with such a thing, my undergrad definitely did not have this and this was not mention in my graduate program.

With the university being small in nature, it is definitely competing with FHSU on friendliness. Something that I looked for in my graduate program was the campus culture and how everyone worked with each other. Here they have gone one step further than I have ever seen at FHSU. Myself and the other intern were invited to trivia night at a local restaurant with a group of other Student Affair Professionals on the campus. Some were student life, other students services, but we have all came together and have gotten to bond and get to know each other. Now I know FHSU is bigger and an older institution, but something we talk on a daily about how much of a family we are, but in these past two weeks being here in Bluffton have really shown me the possibilities of a close family oriented Student Affairs group can be.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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