Rediscovering My Love of Reading

by Olivia Miller

At the beginning of this year, I made a goal to read a book for 30 minutes every day. The main reason was because I have almost 20 books that I have bought over the past four years and have not taken the time to read, graduate school burnt me out on reading for fun. Another reason was I was spending too much time staring at a screen after eating dinner – either my TV or my computer screen. Throughout the year, I had been faithful to this goal, marking a “R” for each day, but then May came.

May was filled with a lot of exciting things, my sister’s graduation, our sister trip to Ireland and the start of NSE. However, this halted my daily reading. I packed two books for our Ireland trip, but did not read a page. When I got home, I had fallen behind a week and a half of daily reading. Unexpected trips home occurred as my grandma has been in and out of the hospital that reading was no longer a priority.

Then one day as NSE was wrapping up I discussed with two other advisors how I was finally starting to get back into my routine. After talking, they committed themselves to also reading at least 30 minutes that very night. The next morning I had gotten an email from both of them saying they had done the 30 minutes and were planning on continuing throughout the summer. I never thought back in January that I would be getting others to read with me, but am glad I was able to do so.

Growing up, reading was my favorite thing to but with each school year, my time dedicated to recreational reading diminished. Of course, I was still reading – just textbooks and theories rather than fiction and biographies. Graduate school as I mentioned really drained my love of reading, something that I have seen other #SAGrads discuss. After graduate school, I wanted a break from reading, thus the increased screen time. However, I was drawn back to my books, as I continued buying them I should be reading them. 30 minutes a day is not that long, and I often end up reading longer than that, and I am currently on my 11th book of the year and looking to finish many more.

Have you been burnt out by reading? What is your favorite book, or a book you would recommend?

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