My 3rd (Student Affairs) Birthday

by Olivia Miller

Three years ago on June 9th, I began my student affairs career as I started my first day of my graduate assistantship. As I have written about over the past two years, working in the Academic & Career Information Center (ACIC) at Kansas State my senior was the most meaningful experience of my college career, followed closely by my involvement in our chapter of National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH). It took me a year of graduate work in another program and a strong sense of unhappiness before I realized the inevitable; I was going into Student Affairs.

Three years later and I have graduated with my Masters in College Student Development and recently reached my first year as a professional. Three years ago, I was nervous starting something new, something completely different from the year before, and something not even on my radar as an undergraduate. Now, I realize that I was meant for this profession and could not be happier with how things have turned out. Happiness is something that I have always emphasized in importance with students, and something I say in every appointment (as an undergraduate Career Specialist, Graduate Assistant or now as an Academic Advisor) – “as long as you’re happy.” In three short years, I have experienced more happiness, and a more meaningful life professionally than ever before.

My first article for this blog, nearly two years ago, was about my 1st birthday in student affairs. In that article I reflected on how much had happened in my first year, and now adding two more years it is humbling to see how much I have accomplished and grown. In three years, I have gone from a shiny new and anxious #SAgrad to a job search-stressed 2nd year to a shiny new and anxious #SApro, and I am even more excited to see what the future holds. This third year brings exciting things – conferences (attending and hopefully presenting!), a university committee executive board position, increased involvement in university committees, and of course – building stronger relationships with my advisees.

I will conclude this article as I concluded my first: May this year be as exciting and rewarding as this past year, and may you learn and grow – and may you be forever young.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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