Viva Las Vegas

by Katie Yeaton

Let’s face it, when someone mentions “Las Vegas”, UNLV is not the first thing that comes to mind.  The valley is known for the Strip, Fremont Street, and its expansive tourism industry.  Living in the fabulous city these past two years has been incredible, but I must remember that I too was a once a tourist.  For those coming to the city on vacation, I recommend escaping the Strip at least for one day of your trip.  Yes, you will want to see the city that never sleeps, but believe me, that’s the entire city.  Visit some of the local casinos and restaurants --not only will you escape the Strip prices, you will actually get to see the city.  For those who are coming to Las Vegas and are staying on the Boulevard, here are my top five things to do near the Strip and on
Fremont Street:

  1. Therapy: Although this restaurant is rather expensive for a GA-budget, the red-velvet chicken waffles are completely worth it!  This restaurant is a must-go-to when you visit Fremont Street.  You may even run into a UNLV student working there.
  2. Downtown Container Park:  Located off of the east-end of Fremont Street, the Container Park is one of my favorite areas to shop local.  There are local restaurants, jewelry, clothing, and businesses on all three floors of this facility.  Plus, there is a great play area, tree house, and live stage for performances --aka a great family place!
  3. Food on Koval and Paradise Road: If you are looking for the best appetizers, go a street east of the Strip and you will find some of the best restaurants and happy hours.  Satay, Bahama Breeze, and Gordon Biersch are three of my favorites.
  4. High Roller at the Linq: Most folxs know I love city skylines, the High Roller offers one of the best views of the valley and the Strip.  The best way to save on tickets is through Groupon or local concert tickets.  Sometimes the Linq will offer discounts if you previously saw a show at their property, Brooklyn Bowl, or another close-by venue.
  5. Slotzilla:  This zipline over Fremont Street is great!  If you want a rush, definitely mark Slotzilla on your itinerary and go during the day.  Night time is great to see the fancy lights, but you can see the Strip and skyline better during the day.

Of course, I highly recommend visiting UNLV, which is only 2 miles from the Strip and one street away from Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.  The Marjorie Barrick Museum in the center of campus is free and open to the public on weekdays (weekend hours vary).

Since finals are right around the corner for so many of us, I hope this travel advice boosts your spirits that the end of the semester is almost here.  Happy finals everyone!

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