There's a Last Time For Everything

by Maggie Merryday

Here's a post inspired by Brad Paisley's new single: 

Every morning during my commute to work, I listen to The Bobby Bones Show. I love Country music and have recently become a fan of the show when I acquired a 30-minute commute to work and needed something to pass the time.  

This morning, Brad Paisley was on the show to talk about his new album titled Love and War. He was talking about how the record label was pushing him to drop the album earlier this year, but he felt that it wasn't quite finished yet. So, he convinced the label to hold off, and in the meantime, he penned his latest single "Last Time for Everything." Once the interview concluded, Bobby Bones played Paisley's newest song for the world to hear for the first time. 

Tears pricked up in my eyes as I listened to the lyrics of the song. It's not a particularly sad song, but it was a timely message that I definitely needed to hear.  

These past couple of months have been challenging. My husband's sudden relocation, diving into the job search again, and different situations coming up at work and in my personal life have all sort of piled up and it's causing me a lot of stress. It feels like our life together has been put on "Pause" - like once I find another job and we're reunited, we can press "Play" and begin our life together again. 

I feel selfish for feeling this way because I know there are so many people around me that are traveling much more difficult journeys than I am, so then I feel guilty for feeling overwhelmed by my situation. That, of course, makes it all worse because then I feel sad for the rest of the people in the world and lay awake at night wondering how I can save all of the people in the world (and all of the homeless dogs and cats in the world)... It's a vicious cycle!  

This morning, however, Brad Paisley's words playing through my dashboard brought me back to Earth and out of my funk. The chorus goes something like this: 

Last call, last chance
Last song, last dance 
Sometimes you just don't know when that's gonna be 
Hold me baby, give me a kiss 
Like tonight is all there is 
'Cause there's a last time for everything 

I have to stop feeling like my life is on "Pause," because it's not. It continues to play along to the tune of the day in, day out. You never truly know when one song will end, and when a new one will start to play. Or sometimes, you can hear the song starting to wind down - but you're so busy running through your life that you neglect to notice the tune changed.  

When I walked into the office, the message was reinforced by this note left on my white board: 

Sometimes, it's really easy to forget the impact that we have on our students' lives. We get so caught up in our own mess, that we forget that they're watching our every move. Even on days when I have to show them tough love and my students are not my biggest fans, they still value and appreciate the investment I've made in each and every one of them. I owe it to them now not to check out because I'm waiting for what's next to happen - they don't deserve that. 

These next few weeks we'll experience a lot of lasts together - our last Executive Board meeting, our last events, our last laughs together as PB '16-'17. My graduating seniors will celebrate their last days as college students, and some of them will spend their last days in Fort Myers packing up for big moves across the country. I'll celebrate a lot of personal lasts too - my last Week of Welcome committee meeting, my last Team Lunch, my last chance to make an impact on these students as their adviser - and one day soon, my last 30 minute morning commute to FGCU listening to The Bobby Bones Show. I'm excited for what's to come and to live with my spouse once again, but I can't let these moments slip by while day-dreaming about the future... 'cause there's a last time for everything. 



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