Finding Beauty in the Beginnings

By Brooke Wilson

Starting something new is always challenging and a little bit terrifying. At this point in my life there are many beginnings. When I say beginning, your mind might gravitate towards the image of a garden in full bloom or the sunshine rising up from the waves, welcoming a new day, but beginnings have another side to them. There is also the messy- the points of refinement. All for which I have learned to sit with and honor. One outlet, if you will, has been yoga and ongoing reflection, mostly the internal kind, but occasionally a nice cup of coffee with a trusted friend goes a long way and then there’s the Instagram post. You know, the one with a good quote or a rustic landscape or you doing something that does not truly relate to what you put in the description. Whatever the image, it made you think or maybe you were already contemplating something and the image is just a filler or a way to draw others in. The pictures are important, but what we say below them is more profound.

Today is my second beginning in the blogging world. A life that I have tried out before, but have never consistently pursued. We are compelled into new beginnings for two reasons: someone or something causes us to change, grow, or move or we propel ourselves towards the new, the next, or the now. The beginning is not always anticipated or welcomed. How we perceive it matters. How we make sense of it matters.

I guess you could say all that internal reflection and Instagram posting has led me here- to this beginning. A place where my privacy becomes a little less, but hopefully at the risk of my thoughts inspiring a little more. I want to ask others the questions I have been asking myself lately. If we take the conversation beyond ourselves, is it not more beautiful? Does it not have more value and power?

My first blog post came to the world live from the kitchen floor. Yes, literally the kitchen floor. It was a place where I found rest, solace, and hope. This may not be conventional, but I would like to share a bit from that beginning, my first blog post, just for a little context:

Striving to find purpose in all things, not just silver linings, but articulating our experiences, understanding the significance of our unique stories, and embracing the circumstances we have graciously been given. These are the talks I would normally have with my dear friends in NC who are now miles away, so please sit down with a cup of coffee or tea, be still, and let’s talk about life. The raw, authentic life. Not the one we always portray to others or eagerly share on social media. The life saturated with moments of desperation, empowerment, uncertainty, celebration, and hope. The life that sometimes takes us to the kitchen floor.
Funny how some things change, but a lot stays the same. I believe we are all called to something. I am still discerning whether or not I’m called here, to this blog, but I do know I was created to learn, grow, and share this life with those around me. It is all about how we perceive ourselves. How we allow ourselves to show up in this world. Maybe we do not need to put labels and names to everything. It could be that we need to find contentment with what is and just be there. Fully there.

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