Finals, Closing, and Commencement, Oh My!

by Katie Yeaton

There are 11 days left until commencement and the pressure is on.  Final papers and exams are coming, plus closing is upon on in Res. Life.  With all of this stress, I have created a top ten of my relaxation techniques to finish strong.

  1. Tea: To save money and spend less time in the line at Starbucks and Coffee Bean, I will be making tea at home and keeping it in my office.
  2. Gym Time: Possibly my favorite part of the day, yet the event I create the most excuses about doing.  For the last two weeks my goal is to continue my usual routine, but attend more of the free workout classes to support all of the instructors during their last week of teaching.
  3. Think Positively:  It’s easy to say, “think positively” or “look on the bright side of life”, but my mission for the last two weeks is to be more positive.  Smiling at everyone I pass, complimenting others at least three times a day, and not criticizing myself so much.
  4. Challenge/Support:  Yes, a little bit of student development theory in here.  Employing Sanford’s 1967 theory, I intend to push myself outside of my comfort zone over the next two weeks, perhaps embracing my emotional intelligence side a bit more by writing thank you cards to all of my professors (spoiler alert if they are reading this post now).
  5. Recharge Time: When I have an hour to myself, I will take this time to be alone and recharge my energy either by reading something for fun or taking a walk.
  6. Set Time-Boundaries: From past experience, I know I am always the first to say “yes” to helping with something extra during finals week.  My goal for closing this year is to delegate more often and to set time-boundaries for when I will and will not be available.
  7. Sleep: Actually sleeping!  To keep a level-head during closing and finals, I will be charting my time-out in my calendar so I will be sure to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night.
  8. Veggies:  To keep my energy levels up, I will be staying away from junk food between now and commencement.  Bring on the vegetables!
  9. Limiting Social Media Usage: Even though I am still on the job hunt, my goal for the next two weeks is to limit my social media usage (i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) to once every two days.
  10. Emails: From experience, I know my email inbox can become overwhelming during finals week.  To be prepared this year, I have crafted an automated message to hopefully help folxs while I am busy with check-outs and finals.

How are you preparing for the end of the academic year?

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