You’ve Got This

by Olivia Miller

Dear Candidate,

You’ve got this – an on-campus interview for a position that you have been diligently waiting on for a while now. All dressed up in your business professional, blisters on your feet, knots in your stomach, but you’ve got this.

This is what you have worked towards for almost two years. All of that hard work in class, your assistantship and your practicum sites, translates to your skills and abilities listed on your resume and articulated in your cover letter.

Yes, you’re nervous, but at the same time, this feels right. Go ahead and tell the search committee a little bit about yourself – why you’re the right person for this job. Remember to take a breath, to inhale confidence and exhale nerves. You realize the questions get easier, you feel more comfortable as the interview goes on.

Now comes the waiting game, which seems to feel worse than the interview itself. Put your phone down, checking it every few minutes is not going to make it ring any faster. When it does, take a breath and hear the words you’ve been hoping to hear “we would like to off you the position.”

Congratulations candidate, you did it! You just accepted your first professional job. Now enjoy the last few weeks of school, you’ve got this.

However, you always did.

Sincerely, a fellow SA Pro.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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  1. So what you want is more of the "push up and out" mentality that has served our public schools so well. They even can't regulate education level, why i have to do homework for me?


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