Bowling Through My First Year

by Olivia Miller

At the beginning of the school year, one of my coworkers convinced me to join her on the university staff-bowling league. Over the years, most of the players were connected to the university, but slowly transitioned to a group of people that were mildly connected to the university. Since I was still new to the job and town of Lincoln, I wanted to try something new and meet people outside of work – so I committed my Wednesday evenings to playing three games of bowling.
On the first night, I quickly realized two things: I am horrible at bowling and the people in the league were a unique bunch. I am the first to admit I am not athletic in any way, and this also translates to bowling – once I scored a 40 something this year, and only bowled over 100 twice. In addition, it was intimidating and exhausting being around people who were much better than me, took this more seriously than me and were very loud. However, I made a commitment and stuck with it for the year.
This spring semester I found myself enjoying bowling more – I was slowly getting better and enjoying the people around me more. Last night was our end of the semester dinner, and I realized that I actually would miss seeing everyone, so I committed to being at least a sub for next year. While I did not always enjoy playing based on my performance each week, I did appreciate the opportunity to make new friends, people I never would have met, as well as pick up a sport that my grandma loved to play.
For those of you about to enter the profession and move to your new home, find something outside of your comfort zone to meet new people as you adjust – it makes things a lot easier.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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