A Note to Anyone Currently Job Hunting

by Katie Yeaton

This week has been stressful, but I feel like I am preaching to the choir.  So, for all those out there job searching, I hope this note resonates with you.

Hello me,

It’s been quite a few months, between finishing capstone and your independent study, and applying to jobs.  I know you are feeling exhausted, but I wanted to remind you that you can do this; you can finish strong with your studies and start your career.  You will get an interview and--eventually--you will secure the Res. Life position.  Do not doubt yourself and be genuine in all of your interviews.

Yes, it will take a little while to hear back about positions and you will get anxious.  You will eventually get an interview though.  When you do get that interview, I know you will be nervous, but that’s completely normal.  Remember you have prepared for this moment.  You have researched the institution, you have prepared your questions, and you are a well-qualified candidate.  Remember to directly state why this school and position are the ‘right fit’ for you.  This position is a new experience to grow and to continue to expand your career.  Do not be afraid to ask questions and clarify.

When you enter the interview--whether it’s in-person or a phone call--remember to take a deep breath and do not rush.  You’ve got this candidate.


Your Positive-Outlook Self

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