by Katie Yeaton

LA skyline from the Hollywood sign. Photo taken by Katie E. Yeaton.

Time management is a key skill of our daily lives.  Balancing between work, school, and a personal life is always a work in progress.  No matter how hard we try, changing our schedule is inevitable and we grow to “expect the unexpected”.  So to all those stressing over capstone, thesis, and work, know that you are strong and you can do this.

A few weeks ago, my roommates and I planned a trip to LA and made it a goal not to do any work that weekend.  I still brought along my textbooks for the ride, still wishing to devote a part of my weekend to reading about student college selection and decision theories.  Fortunately, my roommates saw that I was stressed and needed a night away from reading and school-related things.  I needed to reenergize and get out of my slow-paced daily routine.  I was losing steam and needed a break to get some perspective on my capstone.  Hiking to the Hollywood sign was exactly what I needed to kick my butt into research-gear.  I felt so much better after returning from LA that I completed a number of tasks I had tabled the previous week.  Thanks to my roommates, I was able to escape my routine and spark a new vigor to complete my work.

So, while I know you hear this advice often, make it a goal this week to take an hour for yourself.  Go to the gym, walk around your neighborhood; something active that does not involve anything work or school related.  Allow yourself time to reflect and separate from any stress.  Most of all, take this time to reconnect with yourself and reenergize.

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