by Katie Yeaton

It’s hard to believe NASPA concluded almost a week ago.  I had a fantastic experience attending programming session, book signings, and the expo, but the best part of all was connecting with people.  I was able to reconnect with folxs from my ACUHO-I internship, as well as some colleagues from NACURH and past Master’s/GA interview days.  Connecting with people is my favorite part about conferences and, in a positive way, Student Affairs is truly a small world.

Last week I finally got to meet these amazing two people in person.  Being a part of the Student Affairs - First Years has been a great opportunity to meet people from across the county.  I am so grateful for my friend who suggested checking out this opportunity and for the blog team for supporting me in my goal to write every week throughout my Master’s degree. Although, I must admit it’s a strange thing to know people virtually and never meet them in person.  For this reason, I was ecstatic to attend our blog’s social last Tuesday night.  It was as though I had already met Sarah and Jenni in person and we were just reacquainted.  To all those who attended the social, thank you!  I look forward to reading your posts soon and cheering you on in your future endeavors.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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