Change can be Good

by Olivia Miller
Last week I wrote about passing the baton of student affairs to students discovering their passion to work in student affairs and was reminded by Facebook the moment I was handed the baton. Three years ago, I posted the following status – “For the little girl who grew up with the motto ‘change is never good,’ I’m breaking that motto to pieces, and I couldn’t be happier.” At this time I was in my second semester in the Security Studies graduate program, and to put it simply – it was not going well. I was in three classes, a graduate teaching assistant, and hardly spoke to anyone in or out of class. I finally reached my breaking point one afternoon in the campus library and realized that I could not do this anymore. I quickly sent off an email to Michelle, my supervisor from ACIC, and told her that I needed to talk to someone. This is the moment that the baton was placed in my hands and I held on for the first time. For a month I was worried about a lot of things – primarily what would people think if I quit my graduate program, would this new graduate program and new career path work?
The status above was the day I accepted the change I needed in order to be happy – I let my graduate advisor (and graduate teaching assistant supervisor) know what was going on, and I applied for the College Student Development program and automatically felt a huge relief off of my chest. This was a necessary change, and the best change I could have gone through – despite not knowing how things were going to work out and not really having a plan like I typically do. However, making this decision and going through with this change was the best thing I could have done for my happiness and my sanity.
Three years ago I could not have imagined how this decision would have impacted my life and the direction it took. I always tell students “as long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters.” Three years ago I was the furthest from happy, and took the necessary change and have not looked back. To the little girl who hated change, sometimes change is the best thing

Student Affairs - the First Years

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