Prepping for NASPA

by Katie Yeaton

In just shy of two weeks I will be headed to my first ever NASPA annual conference in San Antonio, Texas.  I am most excited to reconnect with those I met at my ACUHO-I internship and (finally) meet my fellow members of the NASPA Graduate Associate Program (GAP).  Meeting virtually with the NASPA GAP cohort this academic year has been a great experience.  I cannot wait to meet a majority of our group in person!

To prep for this Student Affairs conference, I have created the following packing list:
  1. Red business jacket: Showing UNLV pride and looking professional - check
  2. Two pairs of shoes: Because you know one pair is going to hurt by the end of five days
  3. Business cards: Networking made easy
  4. Multiple pens: The ink will definitely fail, so always have a backup
  5. Notepad: For conference presentations and general brainstorming
  6. Small tote bag: Only bring what is necessary for the day, do not over pack
  7. Hotel Address: Make sure you know/write down the name, address, and phone number of the hotel
  8. Conference Guidebook/Program book: Review this ahead of time if you can
  9. Highlighter: When you get the physical copy of the program book, you know you will highlight sessions
  10. Reuseable Water Bottle: Save money and waste less. :)

Is there something I missed or is there something you always like to bring to conferences?  Please share your thoughts on Twitter or in the comments section below.

Hope to see you at NASPA!
To learn more about the NASPA GAP program, visit our site!

Student Affairs - the First Years

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