A Letter to Future Master’s Students

by Katie Yeaton

Dear recently admitted Student Affairs Master’s student,

Congratulations!  You must be excited.  You are about to embark on a new journey, one where you can develop your passions, discover more about yourself, while helping others.  I know interviews and your job hunt right now are tiring, but keep strong.  You are going to be phenomenal wherever you decided to go.  Just remember to be patient, yet confident.  Know yourself and be honest about your feelings because that’s when you know you have found the “right fit” program.

From someone who feels like they just entered their program, my advice is to appreciate this unknown period.  You may not know where you are moving to in the next four months, you may not know where you will work or where you will attend grad school.  Take a deep breath and know you are going to be okay.  Not knowing where you will move is annoying, perhaps you find the anticipation of not knowing unbearable.  I can assure you everything will come together soon enough if you continue your efforts and are patient.  Be confident that you will be able to handle everything ahead of you, moving, classes, work, social life, everything.  Be open to change and new perspectives.  Allow yourself time to explore and come into your own.  You have the power to become the person you want to be and, yes, you are enough.  You have the power to spark change and empower others to be their best selves.  Remember, to be genuine and authentic in everything you do, including your upcoming interviews.

Best of luck in your Student Affairs pursuits.  You are going to rock!

A soon-to-graduate Master’s of Higher Ed. student

Student Affairs - the First Years

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