Skype Interview Tips

by Katie Yeaton

That time of the year is upon us!  Job and program applications are due and interviews are quickly approaching. I want to dedicate this post to all those going through the interview process, specifically those doing Skype or electronic interviews.  Here are some friendly reminders I keep telling myself to prepare for my Skype interviews:

  1. Share Contact Information: When asked to do a Skype interview, share your username with the interviewer. I know sharing contacts details is simply and quick, but do not leave it to the last minute. Ensure your interviewer has your username and you have theirs so you can accept their request prior to the interview. This way there are no delays the day of your interview.
  2. Find Your Interview Spot: Find a place that is comfortable for you to sit and for your computer to rest. You want a non-distracting background and possible a place with an outlet to pull in your laptop.
  3. Strong Wi-Fi Connection: You might be looking for the most neutral background location, but remember this spot may not have the best connectivity. Test it out before your interview. (Been there...wi-fi connection on one of the school networks went out as soon as I entered the Graduate Commons. Thank goodness for the school’s desktop computers.)
  4. Sign Into Skype Early: Log into Skype 20-30 minutes before your interview. This way you can do a test call and be ready for your interviewer if they are running early too.
  5. Be You! As with all interviews, be authentic and be real. You AND your interviewer are going to be nervous; you both want to find the right “fit”.  Take a deep breath and go for it!

Good luck applicants!

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