New Year’s Resolutions

by Katie Yeaton

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope winter break was reenergizing.  As we get into 2017, I have set a few resolutions for this semester and beyond.  Given this is my last semester of my Master’s (cue screams of excitement and nervousness), I hope this list inspires you to create a few goals of your own.

  1. Be Prepared/Procrastinate Less. With capstone and an independent study this semester, I want to get my assignments done at least one day before the deadline.  Google Calendar and my own willingness to separate from distractions are going to be my best friends in achieving this goal.
  2. Enjoy my Graduate Assistantship. I was recently offered a new Graduate Assistantship in Residential Life.  As a self-proclaimed res-lifer, I am ecstatic for this new opportunity and the chance to better the partnership between my former department--the Coaching Spot--with our on-campus community.
  3. Yoga & Meditation. This past semester I rarely had time to join a yoga class at our campus Rec Center.  For my final semester, I want to devote time to my personal health and take-in something I sincerely enjoyed during my first year of grad school.
  4. Create a Healthy Relationship with My Capstone. When I completed my thesis in undergrad, I felt like I was in an exhausting relationship.  I turned in my final project and felt like I needed a break from the topic for several months.  Preparing for this semester, I want to make my capstone more approachable, breaking apart my writing into easier daily tasks.  I know it will be hard to get into this routine, but this daily work could help me create a healthier relationship with my research.
  5. Smile More. Sounds simple, but when life gets stressful I often forget about my smile. To raise my positive spirits, my objectives are to cook more often and visit my partner.

Happy spring semester!

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