Dear 2nd Year Gra

by Olivia Miller

Dear 2nd Year Grads,

This is it, your last semester of graduate school, you are almost there from transitioning from #SAGrad to #SAPro. As I read on this blog, The Student Affairs Collective, and Twitter’s #SAChat, I am so excited and happy for each of you as you progress through these next few months. Many of you of expressed a spectrum of emotions – happiness, joy, anxiety, fear, all of which are valid right now. I wanted to write to you to express a few things.

First of all, congratulations, you have come this far – and are so close to that finish line and graduation ceremony! Graduate school is not easy, if it was everyone would go, and if you are like me, you have put in blood, sweat and a lot of tears into the past three semesters. All of that hard work is going to come together during this last semester in the reward of that diploma, the extra letters next to your name, and that first professional job.

Second, do not let the job search dominate your thoughts and concerns during this semester. Continue to give 100% effort in your classes, assistantship and personal life. The job search is important, yes, but so is keeping your sanity. There are plenty of articles and resources online outlining tips for the job search that I don’t need to repeat myself. All I will say, is be true to yourself, and go with your heart – and don’t compare your journey with those alongside you.

Third, enjoy yourself this semester – take some time out from sending out cover letters and updating your resume, remember to live and enjoy life. Explore your campus and town, check things off of your graduate school checklist, and as Taylor Swift reminds us, “capture this, remember this,” because this time is coming to screeching halt. Take time for your friends, call home as many times as you need, but continue living each day fully. This time is special, and before you know it this time, and the people you see every day will no longer be every day scenery.

Lastly, 2nd Year Grads, I along with the other #SAGrads before you, are waiting to welcome you to this profession with open arms. This journey has been a life-changing one, and we cannot wait to see each of you become the professionals each of you were meant to be and I look forward to see what all you accomplish after graduation.

All the best,


Student Affairs - the First Years

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