by Katie Yeaton

The end of the semester is finally here!  With finals quickly approaching at UNLV, I want to share a few studying reminders I have for myself.  I hope these ideas help you, as well.
  1. Scheduling: You have a tendency to “yes” to a lot of things.  This week try cutting out the extra and saying “no, but after finals”.
  2. Plan Ahead: Keep updating your planner and Google Calendar.  Allot for flex time to catch-up on work and recharge during study week.  You will need this time to breathe from the number of walk-in (student) appointments during study week.
  3. Veggies: I know that Hershey bar looks good, but keep eating carrots and salads.  You will feel better for eating veggies, trust me.
  4. Sleep: 1am is a time you will sleep through, not a time you will be doing work.  The projects and emails can wait until morning.  Get into a routine sleep schedule so you can keep up your energy for this week.
  5. Study: Start reviewing your materials now, do not wait until study week.  Assign two chapters to review per day and you will have a few days in-between your last chapter and the final to do a group review.
  6. Exercise: Continue this routine.  Go to the gym, go to Core X, go to yoga.  Take advantage of your office’s close proximity to the Rec Center and get yourself active.
  7. Focus: You always have the habit to think twenty steps ahead.  Focus on your current and next step, nothing more.  Just like rock climbing, you need to focus on this moment and your next move.  Be conscientious of your surroundings and be mindful of your body.  Know that you are strong enough to climb the mountain.
  8. Music: Keep playing music to destress.  Be transparent about your mood and be honest with yourself.  If you need to sing out to the radio on your way home to release stress, do it and make yourself laugh.
  9. Laugh Often: Keep your spirits high and surround yourself with positivity.  Remember, you can succeed this week.
  10. Believe in Yourself: Cliché, I know, but you CAN successfully complete this week and feel strong about your performance.  You have put your heart into this work, now set it free.

Good luck on finals everyone!

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