CV vs. Résumé

by Katie Yeaton

Application season is upon us and it’s time to update those résumés and curriculum vitae, but what is the difference? Is a CV the same thing as a résumé? Here are some of my times when writing and reviewing your CV and résumé:

What’s the difference?
  • The main difference between a CV and a résumé is the page length. A résumé is one to two pages maximum, while a CV is an ongoing document of your relevant works (mine is currently five pages).
  • Formating is fairly similar and subjectable for both CVs and résumés.
  • From my experience, a CV is typically seen more in academia; whereas a résumé is typically requested for a wider variety of jobs. I have also seen CV’s used when someone is switching fields and wishes to showcase their entire work experience.
Résumé Tips:
  • Keep your statements concise.

  • Limit your page count to one-two pages
  • Peer review! Ask three friends and/or professors to review your résumé
  • Reference other résumés and visit your campus Career Services
  • Use an easy-to-view font and text size
  • Do not include personal information (i.e. student ID number or personal photo)
  • Only include your mailing address if it is relevant to your application. Your email address and phone number should be all an employer needs to contact you.

CV Tips:
  • Write with purpose. Have direct and concise (sub)headings.
  • If the experience is relevant, keep it! This document is going to surpass two pages.
  • Always peer review. This time, ask for someone you know has written a CV review your work. I always say shoot for three, that way you have more feedback.
  • Read-easy font and text size
  • Again, keep information relevant to position/graduate school where you are applying.
  • Express yourself and show your personality. I usually show this through my choice of relevant experiences and descriptors/adjectives.
  • A helpful site when writing your CV:

When applying to graduate school or a higher education position, both your résumé or CV could be used. Review the application requirements and ask questions, then, go with the template that feels best to you to showcase your experiences and personality.

Best of luck with your applications!

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