2016: Things I am Thankful For

by Olivia Miller

With Thanksgiving upon us this week it is inevitable for me to give thanks in writing. While this year has been full of ups and downs there is still always something to be thankful for and it is important that we share with not only others, but reflect on what and why we are thankful. Below is a list of 16 things that I am thankful for during the year of 2016.
  1. First and foremost, my family for being a pillar of strength, during my job search, when my sister moved out to Wyoming (and back), when our grandma died – each and every day we are there for each other.
  2. K-State for giving me everything and so much more than I imagined when I started as a freshman 7 years ago. K-State gave me lasting friendships and mentors, a lasting education and a beginning for my career.
  3. My graduate assistantship with ACIC (the Academic & Career Information Center) as it gave me the tools, resources and experience I needed most as I transitioned into an academic advisor.
  4. Speaking of ACIC, my former supervisor Jared for supporting me throughout the job search by reviewing multiple resumes and cover letters, letting me use his office for Skype interviews and believing in my the entire time.
  5. The job search process itself for teaching me how to express and believe in myself and trusting in making the right decision.
  6. To George Washington University, for allowing me to interview for my dream job – and turning me down. I realized that maybe the dream should not be met too soon, and we live out smaller dreams first.
  7. UNL for giving me my first professional home during these past six months.
  8. My current co-workers in the Advising Center, they say a good fit is important, and I strongly believe I found the best fit with my team.
  9. My advisees who continue to teach me after I have left the classroom, for allowing me to learn and grow in my first position.
  10. NACADA 2016 for allowing me the opportunity to start my professional network, learning from other advisors across the country and giving me ideas and goals for the future.
  11. Outside of my professional life, my health and ability to become a runner – for the ability to commit, train and complete my first half marathon (and stat training for my next one).
  12. My apartment for being my first true place all of my own, reflecting my own style and creating a sanctuary for me to come home to each day.
  13. As silly as it sounds, my TV shows that allow me to escape and unwind from the day, as well as strong female character for me to look up to.
  14. The letters I get every few weeks from my grandma as my final living grandparent, and the time I get to spend with her.
  15. This blog and the opportunity it give me to reflect and share on my experiences as a new professional.
  16. Waking up every day with a roof over my head, going to a job that I love and being happier and more fulfilled than I ever imagined just a few short years ago.
What has 2016 given you this year that you give thanks for this Thanksgiving?

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