Motivation: Reflection During Nevada Day

by Katie Yeaton

One of the most interesting aspects about moving away to graduate school has been adapting to the area. While the Las Vegas Strip is known for world class casinos and gambling, I have come to love the surrounding area. Exploring the Henderson and Summerlin suburbs has been interesting and an eye opening experience for me to get to know the West coast mentality. Lately though, I have come to realize how much time I spend on-campus and how little time I have devoted to my personal exploration.

Nevada Day has become one of my favorite traditions living in the Valley because I have one assured day for myself. Even though I did not travel anywhere this weekend, I used our day off to clean up the house, clean up my email inbox, and complete non-urgent tasks. Taking the time to catch up on life is important. As higher education professionals we stress the importance of life, work, and school balance; yet, lately, I have started to feel like a hypocrite for encouraging my students to devote more recharge time when I occasionally neglect to do so. Nevada Day is perhaps one of my favorite traditions because I know I can take this me-time and not feel like I am missing something at work or school.

If there is one piece of advice I can pass along to graduate students, it would be to take time for yourself. This personal time is not negative, you should not feel guilty or stressed that you are missing something else. Taking the time to recharge and organize your life is perfectly alright and necessary for your sanity. Remember, your sanity is not for sale. Your work and your degree are important, but they are not all of you.

What is one of your favorite traditions during the academic year? What is something you like to do to balance your time between school and personal life?

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