Debate Time!

by Katie Yeaton

With the third and final Presidential Debate next Wednesday, I am feeling stressed for a number of reasons. Classes and midterm exams are the first stressor, but clearly not the only stressor around campus. Parking and building closures/relocations have already started to take effect at UNLV. I am excited for this final debate to be held at my school, yet a part of me wishes we could hold the debate without this much interference. All professors have been advised to host classes online during the night of the debate, which is fantastic for the safety and parking-sanity of our school community. However, for students who have limited computer access and for students who need services in the building closest to the Thomas and Mack arena (where the debate is being held), they might be disadvantaged this coming week if they do not have a way to get to campus without a car. So while the Presidential Debate will be an awesome experience, a part of me feels this opportunity comes as a stressor for our daily student life.

For those of you who have attended a college who previously hosted a debate, what was your experience? For everyone reading, what are some ideas you have to (academically) support students during this event?

Finally, some food for thought. A friend of mine shared this link on Facebook and I think it might be hand to keep the conversation going before the election. Please feel free to take the quiz and continue this conversation about the presidential election:

Student Affairs - the First Years

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