Stress Management

by Katie Yeaton

Grad school is stressful (nah, really?!). With midterms in full swing here at UNLV, I decided to devote this post to some of my de-stress, midterm remedies. Please feel free to add ideas and share your thoughts and feels on Twitter!

One of my favorite places at UNLV is the football stadium. Game day is the one day I can count on to separate from school work and emails.

Massage Chairs: Usually I would put going to the gym first on my de-stress list, but I recently tried out the massage chairs at our Student Recreation and Wellness Center and needless to say I’m hooked. If you have a relaxation area or a nutrition and wellness center at your school’s gym, check it out! Take 15 minutes a day as “me” time to separate from technology, emails, and your phone.

Exercise: Work out daily and keep up the habit. Going to the gym, I invest time in myself and my stamina to keep up with the day. Getting up early in the morning is tough, but I know I will feel better and my allergies will lessen once I get to an indoor gym.

Vent: Accept yourself and understand it's okay to vent and talk about what’s stressing you. I commonly have these conversations with other GAs who are also in my program. We often do our work in the graduate commons and talk about everything we need to accomplish. Knowing someone else who is in the “same shoes” as you is there to support you and you can support them can help you feel you are not alone.

Away Response: One theme throughout the past suggestions is technology. We are constantly receiving updates about school and work even when we are not there in person. Take at least ten minutes a day to separate from these stressors. Put your away response up on your email and update your voicemail away message, this way you feel confident to leave work on weekends. Remember, no job or work is worth your sanity.

Find your spot: Finding my “spot” at UNLV has taken some time. I found that I am most productive on homework at the Graduate Commons and I am most relaxed in the Barrick Museum gardens. My advice is to test out different areas on campus and find where you feel the most comfortable to do work vs. relaxing. Remember to be patient with yourself and to keep trying new areas to keep yourself engaged to do work.

Best of luck with midterms!

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