It’s Never too Late to Say Thank You

by Olivia Miller

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For the past four months I have gone against the appropriate norm and have just now sent my thank you notes for graduation. At first I was delaying because I moved and started my job ten days after graduation, quickly getting settled and swept up in my new life. However, as the summer months passed and the school year started, I realized I was not being lazy (like my parents thought), but I was delaying because I felt like saying thank you would be the official good-bye to this significant part of my life, and I was not ready to let go.

Now that I have gotten settled and have fallen in love with my job, my coworkers and interacting with students, I still was not ready to close that chapter. My time at K-State was the longest I have been in one place, besides elementary school, and grad school is where I felt like I was truly becoming the person I was meant to be. I was afraid of letting that go, and acknowledging it through simple thank you notes to the vital people that were a part of it all was the final good-bye.

I was also afraid and nervous of writing these notes, how could I possibly put into words just how grateful I am for these people and everything they have given me, taught me, and their endless support? Despite being a words of affirmation individual, it is actually quite difficult for me to return my “love” in those same words that I crave from others. I feel like thank you is not enough for everything I have been given. For my happiness, my confidence, thank you and a card just does not begin to express my feelings.

This might sound silly for me to dedicate a blog post to, but I wanted to express this weird feeling I have been trying to avoid the past few months. I also wanted to acknowledge that no matter how late, it is always important to express your gratitude. It was also important for me to write this to express that it is okay to let go, but still feel nostalgic for something that is still a fresh memory. I owe so much to those I have written to, and I hope that they understand how grateful I am. And for those of you in your last year of grad school, please do not take it for granted – yes, it will be stressful and crazy, but take a breath and a moment to reflect on it all, before it is over in a blink of an eye.

Thank you to my family, both my given family and the family that I found, for your guidance, support and love to get me where I am today, I am forever grateful.

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