Balancing Reflection Time

by Katie Yeaton

The past few weeks have been filled with reflection. How have I grown since I was in high school? What have I gained from my intern and work experience? Where do I want to be working in the next five years? What type of institution do I like working in? All of these questions have been circulating through my thoughts and it has made me pause. Sometimes we need to a break and refrain from analysing. I needed the time to live in the moment and feel me again, allowing for unconscious and unfiltered internal reflection.

Reflection is a great way for us to review our former experiences and identify what we enjoy, along with aspects we can improve. However, when we constantly analyze and replay our thoughts we can become too focused on what we are trying to get out of this experience. Speaking from personal experience this week, the more I pushed to reflect on what I have earned and what I have gained, the more I become an observer of the experience than the participant. To keep myself grounded and living in the the moment I am learning how to balance reflection time.

This week I encourage you all to take some personal time to allow yourself to reconnect. Do not try to force any reflection, allow yourself to get lost in the moment. Be the participant and balance your role as an observer/analyzer.

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