A Typical Day?

by Katie Yeaton

“What is a typical day like?” A common question to ask when you are inquiring about a job or interning, but for those in the student affairs, higher education, and education realm we know too well that “typical” is an overused term. There is no “typical” day for someone in this education because we are working with people. There is no telling who you will help today or what you may accomplish.
This week as been far from typical. Yes, the hours and responsibilities are the same week to week, but when working with pre-college students anything is to be expected. From hosting programs to visiting a blood lab, this week came from left field. What I have come to appreciate this week is the support of colleagues and my flexibility. When something goes wrong we work as a team to solve the issue. Say a student is reported missing from class by their teacher, we work together to find this student and help them head off to class when they oversleep. Instances like this one happen and we put the students first. You never know what to expect each day. As an educator, the goal is to be their and support the student.

So to answer the question, typically there is no typical, but you can bet on the unexpected.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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