...Make that place your home

by Katie Yeaton

For those who know me well, they know I do not get homesick often. I love traveling and I am always planning my next adventure, but lately I have been missing the Valley. Do not get me wrong, I missed Boston and coming back to the Bay State for my internship with Emerson College’s Pre-College program has been a great opportunity for me to grow as a professional while visiting family and friends. Truth be told though, a part of me is ready to see a city of lights and desert mountains. One of my favorite quotes is from the BBC programme, Life on Mars; “Whichever strange place you find yourself in, make that place your home”. My new found home in Las Vegas has been the adventure of a lifetime and I am so grateful to have taken the chance and move across the country. I am ready to take on the final year of my Master’s program and resume my role as an Academic Success Coach.DSCN1803.JPG

Being away from Las Vegas and returning to my hometown has provided me some time to reflect though. I have realize how much I have learned and how eager I am to continue my education, while helping college students pursue their dreams. In a moment of self-reflection this past week I wrote down the following lessons I have learned in my years in higher education. I encourage you to reflect as well and share your thoughts to keep this list going.

  • Find Your Zen: Sometimes you need to stop pushing; take a breath and allow yourself to process the situation. Find your own way to calm down and become zen.
  • Find Your Voice: I have often limited my talking when in a group environment because I want to ensure what I am saying is meaningful and helpful, plus I want to encourage others to speak up and stand up for themselves. To those who might be more reserved at times, like myself, remember being quiet does not mean you are a “push over”. Speaking with purpose and concise thoughts is important. It is quality over quantity that should matter in a discussion.
  • Find Your Support System: Find people who support you, encourage you, and are their as your team supporters. Surround yourself with individuals and a team of people who will help you “Refuse to sink”.
  • Find Your Strength: Believe in yourself and keep your mind and heart open. Remember you are strong. You have been through so much to get to this moment; do not doubt yourself.
  • Find Your Way to Recharge: Remember you are only human and whether you identify as an introvert or extrovert you need time to recharge. Allow yourself the time to disconnect from social media and technology. Reconnect with yourself and allow yourself the time to recharge the way you feel most comfortable.
  • Find Your Challenge: Continue to challenge yourself and never settle for less. Embrace new challenges and keep a growth mindset. Everyone learns differently. We all can be challenged and continue to learn and grow.
  • Get to Know Yourself: I could have said “Find Yourself”, but that sounds a tad cliché. The years will come and go and your plans can change. Accept yourself for who you are and try not to scrutinize yourself. Put faith in yourself and learn to accept your perfectly imperfect self. :)

In closing I want to stress that you are human and you can change your mind. Push yourself to achieve your wildest dreams, then challenge yourself to new goals. Remember, “Whichever strange place you find yourself in, make that place your home”.

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