For the Love of the Game (Your Job)

by Olivia Miller

The picture above is that of Salvador ‘Salvy’ Perez, the World Series MVP and catcher for the Kansas City Royals (and my favorite player), which was tweeted out by the official MLP twitter earlier this week. This picture was captioned, “We should all have as much fun at work as Salvy,” and was something that I quickly retweeted and embraced as my focus towards the work week. I am a firm believer that we should all love our work and what we do, as Confucius said all those years ago – “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” While my transition into a professional role has had its growing pains, I still love what I do and the field that I am in now. I have been in jobs that I did not enjoy, that made me unhappy and have watched my parents do the same, so throughout my job search it was important for me to find a job that would not feel like a job, but rather my purpose. Throughout my graduate assistantship I smiled everyday like Salvy going to work, and it did not feel like work, but something that I was privileged to do.

Unfortunately, not everyone has that privilege of finding that job that makes this smile and happy to go to work every day – and people were certainly voicing that in the response section of that tweet. “We don’t get paid millions like Salvy,” was just one of the things I read, which yes, that is true (especially in our field of student affairs), but if you love your job it should not be about the money, but rather your passion and excitement about your work. Now, I certainly understand that not everyone has the optimistic and idealist views about work and a career as I do, but I want people to be happy in their lives – and most hours of our lives are spent at work, so we should be doing something that makes us happy.

Helping students figure out what they can do with their major, and particularly their liberal arts major, is something that certainly has this conversation. Are you doing your job for the money or because it fuels you? Both sides are acceptable, but often it feels like it today’s society if feels like we have to choose between the two. The answer to the question is a personal one, but for me I would prefer to be like Salvy and smiling to work (or the baseball diamond) to work with my team and produce winning results. What about you?

Student Affairs - the First Years

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