Don’t Stop The Party

by Dylan Ruffra

Going to graduate school can be an interesting experience that can often take you away from home. For me this experience has taken me 15 hours away from the place I call home. Being so far away from home, has given me some different challenges and has help me battle homesickness at times. At different times it was weird knowing that life was going on without me at home. I would see my friends and family making memories on Facebook, which made it hard knowing that I was not there with them. As I trekked throughout this last year I had to come to the realization that while I was making my memories it was okay that everybody was making their own as well.

This weekend I got to see some of my great friends from my undergraduate institution. It was good being able to catch up with them and feel like that we have not missed a beat. We went down to Nashville for the weekend and went sightseeing. While down there it was good to see and hear how my friends have been doing. We talked about all the crazy things that have happened to each other over the past year and reminisced about the old times that we had. Seeing my friends made me happy for what is to come in this last year of graduate school and where the job search will take. Even though we are all moving in our different directions, I hope life will bring us back together (finger crossed).

As I am in my last year of grad school there will be some steps I will take to help me when I am feeling homesick. One of the key ways to battle this is by talking to my friends or family members whenever I can. This can be as simple as text or a long phone call when I need it. Another way I often try to cope with homesickness with is by reminding myself of great memories that I had and what is still to come. This is probably obvious, but visiting your friends and family will help you not miss them as much either. You can also try to do other task to get your mind off of things. Within Student Affairs I feel that this is something that most people deal with when starting out and it is important to realize you are not alone.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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