Breathe In, Breathe Out

by Olivia Miller

For the first time since I started my job at UNL, I have gotten homesick – not necessarily for my home and family, but for Manhattan and everyone at K-State – the place I came around to calling home for the past seven years. On top of that I spent my first birthday away from my family, and was shadowed by my supervisor as I “led” advising appointments. Needless to say, my confidence in myself and my abilities, as well as my continued adjustment to a new workplace and home, has set me back a little bit.

Now, I have never been a beacon of confidence, rather one of doubt and things have slowed down at work that it has crept into my mind a bit. I love my job, but I am nervous that I am not good enough, not the person they saw in the interview and feel like I have to prove myself. I am worried that I do not know enough, that I cannot serve my students right, and have to remind myself (again and again) that this takes time. This month we have had a theme of independence, and I am finding myself having a bit of trouble adjusting to my newfound independence. This is why when I found the quote above from Tumblr I quickly took a picture of it and saved it on my phone. While I might not know everything right now, and might not have the confidence I need, what I can control is my breathing and my attitude – to inhale confidence and exhale doubt.

For those of you who might have, or are currently, experience this same feeling that I am currently, what have you done to feel better?

Student Affairs - the First Years

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