What will happen June 23?

by Katie Yeaton

Summer is a great time to reflect and focus on what is important to you. I have been doing a lot of this reflection lately, especially when it comes to applying to Ph.D. programs. So, in honor of my love for international education, I have a question for you all.

On June 23rd, Britain will be voting whether to stay or leave from the European Union. A referendum will be held on this date for citizens aged 15 and over to vote “yes” or “no” on the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. (For more information on this referendum please visit BBC’s website here.) In terms of higher education, this potential move away from the European Union could mean a significant change in the Erasmus program (see more information here). Will students coming to Britain from countries in mainland Europe still have funding to attend University? If Britain does leave the European Union, what will this mean for higher education visa requirements?

As a young student affairs professional, I find this topic fascinating and curious. Where will higher education be in the next ten years? As the United States pushes to make higher education more accessible and affordable, how do we support our students and encourage students to become competent globalized citizens? Movements like this one make me wonder about the supply and demand of higher education, as well as this focus on “global citizenship” as highlighted in NASFA’s Mission statement (here).

What are your thoughts on this referendum in terms of higher education? What are your thoughts on this “globalized citizen” emphasis from colleges and universities across the United States? All thoughts and feels are welcome. :) Let’s keep the conversation going on Twitter (@SAFirstYears).

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