Welcome Class of 2020 to the Unknown!

by Olivia Miller
This last week was the first week of New Student Enrollment (NSE) at UNL and I have been able to directly interact with the incoming class. While the days are long with an overload of information and papers handed to students, enrollment is also an exciting time – for both students and staff. Watching the students come in at the start of the day, some still tired from the drive in to Lincoln, but also hesitant of meeting new people, but ultimately excited to officially start their college experience makes me happy to be in this field.
Throughout the week I was able to meet students from various majors with the College of Arts & Sciences, and was able to shadow five different academic advisors, including each of my co-workers. While it should not have been a surprise to me, my biggest concern during shadowing was not knowing everything right away. One of my co-workers put it simply, “you have to be okay with now knowing everything.” This of course, made my discipline and deliberative strengths feel like a weakness – I do better in knowing what is expecting of me and doing just that. However, I am not going to know everything and I will be learning along the way and long after training is over.
This reminded me that our students that are coming to NSE also do not know everything about college – and a lot of them are probably anxious about not knowing everything too. Our students are getting a crash course “training” of college at NSE and we even tell them we do not expect them to know everything by the end of the day, but rather it’s an ongoing learning experience. So my advice to you all this week is being comfortable with the new and unknown, and take this week day by day like a sponge gathering new information each day.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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