Twenty Things I’m Looking Forward to this Fall

by Katie Yeaton

As I start to prepare for fall semester, I have found myself becoming more and more enthusiastic. Entering into a new school year I always feel like I have some new found energy, more than I ever muster for spring semester (pesky allergies). So to continue the hyper for the fall semester I decided to partake in Dylan’s idea. “I gotta feeling” this semester is going to be challenging, but amazing. Here are twenty things I’m looking forward to, in no particular order:

  1. Marching band season!
  2. Leadership class
  3. Multicultural Class
  4. Finishing internship paperwork
  5. Twirler Day on October 22nd
  6. Academic Success Coaching
  7. Programming in “da’ halls!”
  8. UNLV Football season
  9. UNLV Basketball season
  10. Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE) conference in November
  11. Becoming President of our Higher Education Student Leadership Association (HESLA)
  12. Ph.D. applications
  13. Collaborating with Student Engagement and Diversity Office for HESLA programs
  14. Collaborating with Residential Life on ASC programing
  15. Faculty Fellows program begins
  16. Hope Scholars program’s inaugural year!
  17. Academic Success Coaching outreach programs
  18. Traveling to California, visiting friends (shout out to my Alt. Break Co-Staff Site Leader, Jose!)
  19. Working on publications/potentially getting published
  20. Second to last semester as a Master’s student!

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