Let’s Get It Started

by Dylan Ruffra

As I have started my internship it has been fun to start learning new things that will help me grow. I went through the ACUHO-I process in February and accepted a Facilities and Operations internship at Eastern Kentucky University (EKU). One great thing I appreciate is the university is fairly close to my home, so I will get to visit family from time to time. Through this internship I will have new experiences, see a different departmental structure and network with other professionals.

At my internship I get to work with facilities which is something that is totally new to me. In my normal role as a Hall Director the facilities experience is limited to submitting work orders. In this internship I get to see the behind the senses in how different work orders are done. I have started to help co-supervise their student work crew employees for the summer. These students are in charge of making sure all the halls repairs are getting fixed to the best of their ability. It was interesting to go through training with these students learn about how they will repair things such as blinds, HVAC units, ceiling tiles and cove base. These experiences will give me new ideas on how the facilities in my building work.

This experience gives me the opportunity to see how other universities operate and how they are structured. EKU has about the same enrollment as the institution that I work at (University of North Dakota) so they are great for comparing. The different departments at the each of the institutions have different positions than I am used to, which is a good experience to see. Within their student affairs organization chart it seems that they put their department into two categories either student success or student life. From what I have determined, student success is the services that students need to be successful and student life are the departments that provide students opportunities to be active (programming or organizations) on campus. A great idea that EKU does is that they have all their services that students need all in the same building. Seeing the different structures has prepared me for when I am looking at different institutions during the job search process next year.

My first week of my internship has been off to a great start and provided me with many new things. I have started to meet new people, which is always fun to do in the Student Affairs field. I also get to work with the two other interns this summer at EKU and it is great to have others to talk about our different graduate school experiences. This summer I’m excited to learn new things from different professional in the field.

What new experiences are you excited to learn in your position?

Student Affairs - the First Years

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