I Gotta Feeling

by Dylan Ruffra

This week I decided to do something different. As my first year of grad school is over, I am happy to have the summer here. So I made a list of 20 things I am looking forward too.
  1. Being back in my good old KY home-Kentucky is where I grew up for 23 years and it is great to be back
  2. Learning new things- My internship offers me areas to grow in that I have never dealt with, which is great for me to experience
  3. The Outdoors- I love being outside and surrounded by nature that the wilderness has to offer
  4. Big Brother 18- I am a huge reality TV freak and this is my favorite summer show
  5. The Reds- Even though they have not been that good as a baseball team the past couple of seasons, I am excited to see how far they make it this year
  6. Finding Dory- Finding Nemo is my favorite Disney movies. If I had to compare myself to any Disney character I would say I am most like Marlin
  7. Reuniting with friends- It has been weird not seeing all my friends from my undergrad on a regular bases and it will be great to see them again
  8. Pools- I love the water and swimming in my grandma’s pool. This is one of my favorite memories from the summer time
  9. Seeing Family- I do not always get to see them throughout the school year, which is why it will be great to see them more this summer 
  10. Warm weather- My favorite season is summer because it has great weather
  11. Fireworks- Another great thing during summer that I love is lighting and watching fireworks and all there magnificence
  12. Tubing- It is fun to go riding on the tube and see where the boat throws you
  13. S’mores-This is the best summer treat that is in existence
  14. Summer reading- I have to read two books for class. They will be away great to pass away the time on rainy days
  15. Hiking- Probably one of my favorite things to do in summer. I could hike for hours upon hours
  16. Exploring- It is different being in a unfamiliar city and I love trying new things so it will be cool to see what is all around me
  17. Sleeping in- It will great to finally have some time to relax and not worry about an alarm going off
  18. Olympics- This summer is the Olympics and it will be interesting to see who will take the gold
  19. Enoing- I just recently bought an Eno hammock & I am super pumped to try it out
  20. Having fun- This is what summer is all about

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