Challenge Yourself

by Katie Yeaton

Growing up I have been obsessed with skylines and stumbling across this article by Maddi Burns the other day made me appreciate how fortunate I am to be able to travel. Growing up in a small suburban town, I thought I would become the stereotypical townie living there my whole life. I guess my enthusiasm to see new skylines pull me away from these plans.
Today I recognize traveling and moving to Las Vegas as two of my biggest accomplishments. I have challenged myself to take risks and pursue my dreams. My hope is to continue to meet people, to continue advocating for people without the same privileges, and to continue making a difference in my community--wherever that might be.

In consideration of these passions, I have a few proposal challenges for myself for next fall semester.
  • Volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club
  • Volunteer with NSHE - the Education Department of Nevada
  • Continue to coach the Las Vegas MOB (Masters of Baton)
  • Take a weekend trip to LA and visit the Rose Bowl
  • Visit someplace you never heard of until recently
  • Go to Carson City and see the Nevada government buildings

The semester can always feel like a stressful, work-filled period of time, which is why I want to lay out these personal challenges. What are some challenges you have for yourself next fall? Please comment below, Tweet, or share your ideas on Facebook. Oh, and brownie points to whoever names the location of the skyline featured in the above. :)


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