3 Tips for a More Productive Morning

by Mike Ahern

Students are leaving, travel plans are being confirmed and your workload is probably lightening; summer is finally here. Often these months can turn into an excuse to sleep late or spend a few extra minutes at the campus Starbucks. Personally, I suggest taking advantage of this time by waking up early and getting a jump on the day. Check out these three tips that have allowed me to make the most of my free time when it comes to summer on campus.

Before -Check out these three tips that have allowed me to make more use of the free time that comes with summer on campus.

  1. Meditate
For the last ten days I’ve meditated for ten minutes every morning. In that short time I’ve experienced an increase in clarity that has allowed me to decrease stress and increase productivity at work. Try using Headspace’s free “Take 10” series that runs through a series of very simple guided meditations that you can download on your phone. For more information, check out this TED talk by Headspace’s founder.

  1. Stretch
Having a regular stretching practice has worked wonders for my professional life. Putting in 20-30 minutes of movement not only helps to wake me up but also prepares me for the commute to campus. I use a variety of mobility, stretching and yoga movements that I’ve gathered from various places but one resource that I keep coming back to is DoYogaWithMe.  

  1. Write
Every morning I sit down for 10-15 minutes and write about the things that I’m grateful for. Whether it’s a productive student meeting or a good one on ones with my supervisor, I find that tracking what’s working in my life has increased my ability to find good in the small things. I use a Moleskine (trendy I know) where I date every entry and list 3-5 items that I’m appreciative of. A couple resources I used to get started include this article by Tim Ferris and this piece from the Huffington Post.

Overall the summer is a great chance to reflect on the past year and look forward to new students moving to campus in the fall. I’ve personally found meditating, stretching and writing to be instrumental in preparing me for work and adding time to my summer schedule.

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