What Makes Us Old

by Amanda Stewart

"You don't stop running because you get old. You get old because you stop running."

I’m a runner. I get these daily running quotes in my inbox each day. Today’s quote stuck out to me and I feel that it can be applied in a lot of areas, not just running. I recently ran my 6th marathon. I love how running makes me feel when I’m in training and when I’m not. I love long distances and spending the majority of my Saturday mornings on a long, slow, run. I run to clear my head, to feel stronger, to appreciate and love my body, to wake up, to wind down. Running is one of my happy places and a time where I can feel most like myself. Running is my me-time and a time when I can be selfish. It’s a time when I can dream.

Re-read the quote above and replace the word “running” with whatever makes you feel the most alive. Writing? Dancing? Yoga? Painting? What’s your creative outlet? Do you have one? Start there.

I think that finding something that you love (outside of work) and something that is a healthy outlet helps us with balance. It helps us feel alive. It keeps us young. At some point, we transition from being a kid into giving #adulting a try. Whether we want to or not, we have to grow up. Pay bills. Wake up for work. I think that having something just for you, helps keep that spirit of play alive.

I believe that running is something that I’ll continue through my life and it will continue to benefit me emotionally as well as physically. Make sure you have something that keeps you from growing old. Something that keeps your heart and mind young and at play.

PS. I love connecting with other SA runners @mandijstewart on Twitter and Instagram.

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